Mediheal Amazon Product Page

Mediheal Amazon Product Page

In recent posts, we’ve broken down the anatomy of an Amazon product page, providing a guide to optimize each portion for discoverability and a superior digital shopping experience. This Mediheal product page on Amazon is a good example of these best practices in action. In this blog post, we discuss Mediheal’s Amazon product page—the essential content and enhanced content.

Amazon Product Page Essential Content

Essential content–product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions–not only provides basic information to customers but also contributes greatly to how products are indexed in Amazon’s search engine. We examine the essential content for this Mediheal product below.

First, we’ll look at the product title. Amazon values correct title formatting. A good product title provides enough information to distinguish the product from nearly identical products. A poorly formatted product title is not only detrimental to the customer’s digital shopping experience, it hurts your discoverability on Amazon.

Amazon’s search algorithm relies on product titles to help determine relevance but beware of stuffing product titles full of key words and phrases. An overly long product title will negatively impact your ranking in Amazon’s search engine. Make sure your product title is clear, concise, and properly formatted to get the best organic search results on Amazon.

Good product titles follow established naming conventions. While each category is different, here’s an example of what a title should look like:

Series Name + Model Name + Brand Name + Form Factor + Unique Identifier & Benefits

This Mediheal product page largely follows this naming convention.

The bullet points included in Mediheal product page are strong. They provide essential information “above the fold”  clearly while stating the benefit to the customer. The number of bullet points is also important. With four bullet points, Mediheal strikes the right balance between informative and concise. We’ll cover bullet point optimization in more detail in a future blog post.

Finally, a well-written product description gives customers a brief overview of the essential information about a product. An ideal product description is no longer than one paragraph and is written with clear, easy to understand sentences.

Amazon prohibits over-the-top product descriptions – descriptions that try to take the place of enhanced content. A good product description is only text, no HTML, or special characters. Product pages with “enhanced” product descriptions may be penalized in search results.

The product description for the Mediheal NMF is the perfect length—paragraph, not too long and not too short, with easy to understand sentences with instructions on how to use the product.

There are some best practices that Mediheal can use to improve their essential content. We’ll talk about how brands can optimize essential content in future blog posts, so check back often.

A+ Content For Mediheal

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Amazon A+ content (Amazon’s term for enhanced content). Simply put: A+ content works because it offers a compelling digital shopping experience while boosting discoverability on Amazon. Effective A+ content has a mix of product shots and lifestyle images, a short introduction of the product, bullet points for scannability.

The A+ content that Mediheal uses is where this product page really shines. The content appeals to different shopping styles, with headers and bullets for those who prefer scanning and more detailed information for customers who research.  We have chosen the images for this A+ content strategically, with a mix of product and lifestyle shots.

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